Rebecca Clow - Director

I love my job as the Director of bd by design, a unique coaching and mentoring business focusing on people, profits and future leaders in Real Estate.


With a background in corporate business and diverse roles in Property Management, I'm now known for my passion as a dynamic speaker and coach. I am passionate and energetic in my pursuit to shift the thinking of growth and sustainability in property management.


My team respectfully transition leaders, model growth teams and mentor property managers into the ‘Modern’ Agency through proven strategic platforms.  The entire team at
bd by design are highly focused on the long game to ensure Real Estate businesses of today are running Smart Businesses and ultimately, the customer experience continues to underpin the vision, strategy and planning for future growth.

Jen Romney - Consultant

Having 30 plus years in the Real Estate industry, specific to Property Management, does not only come with the highs and lows of this industry, but also the evolution of Property Management from desk and paper driven service to one which is now powered by technology and mobility.

What has not changed in the past 30 years is the customer and the customers expectation of level of service.  It is the light bulb moment when clients finally see the overall picture of how today’s property management service is delivered that is most exceptionally rewarding for me. To be in a position to empower them to use the technology of their software systems to streamline their day to day stresses is an achievement and is the most rewarding part of my career to date.

David Elliott - Financial Consultant

Working in corporate banking for most of my career, dealing specifically with real estate agents, I saw what the good operators, bad operators and everyone in between did within their business. Working in the environment, it’s also easy to take the support you receive for granted, like finance, marketing, HR and product management. With every business I worked with, I found that regardless of how successful they were, evert principal was looking for guidance on how to better structure their business and adapt to the challenging market that WA has experienced for such a prolonged period of time.

I moved into financial consulting to help business owners achieve this by leveraging my lifetime of knowledge in this area. Financial analysis is one part of the puzzle that is running a small business. Our goal is to provide the financial analysis that a principal and their bd by design consultant requires to make strategic decisions; that is how I measure success.

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