Empower, Immerse,

Develop and Support.


Vision, Growth,

Sustainability and Focus.



Recognise, Respect,

Engage and Mentor.



Our mission is to effectively assist businesses to understand the power of the winning formula for growth and sustainability in real estate business.

We focus on pushing the status quo of traditional and mundane learning and offer a high level of knowledge transfer, ideas exchange and thought expansion when coaching and mentoring.

We assist businesses to create a purpose, act strategically and define key drivers and deliverables that continue to see growing profits, effective practices and strong team cultures.


Without continual education through training and a structured learning pathway, our businesses succession may be in jeopardy. We can assist with seeking out future leaders and mentoring those individuals through their transition to ensure your business’s future success.


The role of a coach is to assist your business by guiding, supporting and encouraging thought expansion and new skills, while having clarity on the business's blueprint for growth and continued success. With a broad outlook on change management, cultural footprints and nurturing future leaders, coaching is a partnership and enlists all people on the winning journey. We offer a variety of coaching to suit your needs.


  • Strategic planning.

  • Growth mapping.

  • Transition and succession planning.

  • Financial coaching.

  • Business development coaching.

  • Focus and accountability mentoring.



Why is mentoring most important for property managers? Sustainability is a key factor of any business and slippage of the client base can see a significant shift in maintaining a healthy business.

Property management is forever changing and the clients require a level of skilled, knowledgeable and focused managers managing their property wealth.

Without accountability old habits and behaviours easily find their way back into the business. Key success indicators are defined and measured with emphasis on dollar producing activity, managing the slippage rate, potential lost managements and property management daily/monthly tasks to protect the bottom line.

Our highly accomplished consultants are available to assist with custom mentoring services.

  • Upskilling team leaders & head of departments.

  • Bridging the gap of new staff members being onboarded.

  • One on one mentoring.

  • Business transitioning to a modern agency, ie. technology, virtual assistance, specialised team structures, systems and processes.

  • Focus and accountability mentoring.



Training is essential for your business to reach the peak of its potential. Perhaps its most clear and positive benefit is better, more motivated employees. A successful company will develop the potential of an employee to get the most from that individual, and a key way to do this is encouraging improvement through continual learning and training. Training is not a one off occurrence, as the industry, competition and technology change, so do your training needs. Are your staff properly trained? We can help in the following areas or create a custom experience:

  • Communication, care and competency for todays business.

  • Mindset, mindfulness and wellbeing in today’s property management space.

  • Solution focused property management.

  • Bespoke training.


Running a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. But how much time do you really spend working ‘on’ the business? It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day running of the business that it can sometimes be difficult to step back and focus on the bigger picture. We’re here to help. We offer a range of services and can customise a package to suit your business.

  • Financial business analysis reporting.

  • ‘Hack’ day workshops.

  • Future proofing your property management business.

  • Data Intelligence on REST Professional and fileSMART.

  • Auditing of property management businesses

  • Due diligence for acquisitions.

  • People profiling.

  • Brand health checks.

  • Marketing services, from simple tasks to strategy.


Are you looking for a speaking that’s not the norm? Are you looking for someone who can take an age old problem and spin it in an entirely new perspective so your team actually sits up and takes notice? Those are the kinds of keynote experiences that we deliver. We believe that content is key, but delivery is unforgettable. We specialise in delivering both aspects for a presentation that your team will remember. If you’re looking for an exciting, relevant presentation to suit your theme, goals and needs, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Rachel Parker

Business Development Manager, Altitude Real Estate

It was lovely to meet you. Thanks so much for today's session. It was a million times more interesting than any other CPD course that I've been to and I've got plenty of new tips to put into action.

Natalie Gage

Property Manager, Davey Real Estate

I would just like to say thank you for your refreshing and insightful session with us. It was extremely informative and it was great to have a presenter with your passion, talent and knowledge address our team.

As a team, we look forward to putting the tools you showed us in place to take our business to the next level.

Terri Whiteside

Business Development Manager, Rental Management Australia

It was an absolute pleasure attending the training day last week, thank you again for your assistance and inspiration.